Using your own "images" and "sounds" to make original digital creations!

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What is paintone?

A magical app that makes a "sound-producing picture"Which you can make by using your fingers and voice

Painting freely
Or editing photographs

Choose the color and thickness of the pen and paint a picture freely with your fingers! You can also trim the photographed image with your finger and cut it out or make it the background of the Work.

In the picture you drew
Add the sound of your choice

Just tap the microphone button to start recording! Talk, make different types of noises by tapping objects etc... You can record any sound freely! You can also change the pitch and speed of the sound.

Arrange pictures,
Play with sounds

Arrange your drawings freely! Just drag the item of choice while holding it with your finger. When you touch the picture it will make the recorded sound! Musical instruments, picture books and message cards... Any idea can come to life!

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Share your work of art
to people all over the world!

You can download Works created by other users all over the world. And it's easy to show your own works of art, too. Your work might become popular all over the world, who knows!

About the Share function

Give life to children's imagination.Give them freedom to create and they will stay focused.

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