How to use paintone


  • 1This is your Work made using your fingers and voice
  • 2Make a new Work
  • 3You can download Works posted by users from all over the world.
  • 4You can download Recommended Works.
  • 5Please click here for the latest news.
  • 6Go to the registration screen of the paintone ID.
    You can start posting a Work after registering your unique paintone ID.

New Work Creation Screen

  • 1Create a New Item.
  • 2Sets the item as the background of the page.
  • 3You can make up to 5 pages.
  • 4Add items from other personal Works.
  • 5Fixes the items placed on the selected page so that they do not move when touched.

New Item Creation Screen

  • 1Open the Pen Tool.
  • 2Open the Background Tool.
  • 3Open the Voice Tool.
  • 4You can cancel item creation using the Trash can icon.
  • 5Complete the item after you're done entering both the pictures and sounds.

Pen Tool Screen

  • 1Open the Palette and select pen color.
  • 2Select from a variety of pens.
  • 3This is an eraser.
  • 4You can pick up colors present in the screen with an eyedropper.
  • 5You can check history and erase all.
  • 6You can change the thickness of the pen.

Background tool screen

  • 1You can take pictures.
  • 2You can choose a picture.
  • 3You can select the background color.
  • 4You can cut the background you set.
  • 5Restore the cut parts.
  • 6You can check the history and erase everything.

Audio Tool Screen

  • 1You can adjust the range of the sound.
  • 2You can adjust the pitch and speed of the sound by moving the playback button up, down, left, and right.
  • 3Adjust the volume.
  • 4Record and re-record. When you record again, the previous sound will be erased and overwritten.

Play Mode Screen

  • 1You can click "Like" on the Works you like.
    ※It is not displayed on your own Work.
  • 2Copy the Work and edit it.
  • 3You can restore the layout of the items.
  • 4If the item is too small and it is difficult to tap, if you tap long enough, a handle is displayed, so you can resize and rotate.

  • 1Tap the "Work Reference" button.
  • 2From the balloon, tap the work containing the item you want to use.
  • 3Items in the Work selected in ② are displayed. Please place items you want to use.
    ※Some Works may not be displayed.

  • 1Tap the item you want to copy or delete.
  • 2Tap 2 to go to the item's edit screen to be able to copy and edit it.
  • 3Tap 3 to delete the item.
    ※ Some items cannot be copied or deleted.

Register a new paintone ID and login

  • 1If you have not registered a paintone ID yet, please register here (registration is free)
  • 2If you already have a paintone ID please login here.

Post a Work

  • 1A list of the Works you have posted is displayed.
  • 2This is the total number of likes received from other users.
  • 3The number of times your Work has been downloaded by other users
  • 4Tap to select the Work you want to post.

  • 5Enter the Work's title and comment.
  • 6Tap the "Submit" button, enter the password and post.

I want to share my Work (creation)

In order to be able to share a work, you need to upload it first.

Open paintone world

  • 1Tap the world button to open paintone world.
    Tap the recommended work to open it.
  • 2Tap the work you want to share

  • 3Tap the button on the share button on the opened work details screen.

  • 4Share via facebook.
  • 5Share via twitter.
  • 6Show in browser.
  • 7Choose another way to share your work. (you can share by sending the URL of the work via email.)

Download works from paintone world

  • 1Tap the "World" button to open the Paintone World.
  • 2Tap the work you want to download.

  • 3Tap the "Download" button on the open Work details screen.

  • 4The downloaded Work is saved on the Home Screen.

  • 1When you tap "Post", the work you posted is publically displayed.
  • 2If you want to remove a Work from the Paintone World, slide left and tap the Trash can.
    Your Work will not be public anymore.

  • 1Tap the Others tab.
  • 2Tap Settings.
  • 3You can reset it from "Watch the tutorial again".

  • 1Tap the arrow in the blue band at the bottom of the Work detail page.
  • 2Please tap the "Report" button and let us know what you want to report.

  • 1When you enter keywords, you can search for Works by title, comments or ID.
  • 2You can switch the display order by newest, popular or recommended, starting from the left.

  • 1Tap on "Group download of purchased Works".
  • 2Sign in with the Apple ID you used for purchase.
  • 3The purchased Work is restored on the Home Screen.